The Plan

The Plan

What a week it has been, been busy designing and sketching. I had this idea a few months ago. Now I’m working with the design trust to get me noticed, I hope. So it is time to put the plan into action.


I recently bought a property, which needs a complete over hall, as the last time it was touch was the 1950’s. Starting with the electrics and hot water systems of the property, new rewiring and a whole new heating system were required. I did get professionals in to do this. I kept the old hot water tank, as this was copper, a material I am very familiar with I put it into storage until I could figure out what to do with it. Well that time is NOW.


To add to this, during lockdown, as a single person, I have had a support bubble, and have been invited every Sunday for Sunday lunch. This has been a godsend. I need to thank them by inviting them for a meal, particularly as they have not seen the new house.


For this I will be creating a full dinner party set, out of the copper hot water tank and any old furniture that was left in the property, that I would then use to show my appreciation for all their kindness and support.


I’ve go until Sunday the 20th of March to get all of the following made, photographed and documented. I will be trying my best to video the making of these things, however my video and editing skills are somewhat rubbish, but bear with me.


Using old materials to make new things is something I have been doing since I was a child and I love it. My bother and I were lucky enough to live in a place which had an old dump attached to it. We raided that place like anything, taking out old hifi’s and making amps out of them. One day we even found old turbosound units, which we repaired and sold on. Thinking about it now health and safety would have had a field day, but this was back in the early 90’s when it wasn’t as much of an issue.


Things to make


  1. 1 x floor lamp
  2. 1 x ceiling pendant
  3. 1 x candle stick
  4. 1 x serving platter
  5. 1 x ladle
  6. 1 x vase
  7. 2 x serving spoons
  8. 4 x copper plates, silver plated
  9. 4 x side dishes, silver plated
  10. 4 x bowls, silver plated
  11. 4 x personal candle sticks
  12. 4 x napkin rings
  13. 4 x knives, silver plated
  14. 4 x forks, silver plated
  15. 4 x spoons, silver plated


This will all then be set up and used to thank my support bubble family.

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